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“I think this film has amazing potential to be a teaching guide. I think the film with the accompanying study guide is a wonderful one-two punch because the film on the one hand gets at that emotional level, then you have the study guide to give you some structure around that, to ask some questions, to think about the emotional experience in a way that someone hasn’t before.”

Dr. John Mundt
Clinical Psychologist, Jesse Brown VA Medical Center

“The From Hell to Here educational package is a great resource for new and experienced mental health professionals who work with Veterans, as well as those interested in PTSD. The film is unique in its creative depiction of an individual re-experiencing trauma. The bonus feature interviews have valuable information from both a clinical and Veteran’s perspective, and the discussion guide provides a structure to make the entire package a worthwhile teaching or therapeutic tool.”

Benjamin L. Schwinke, LCPC
Clinical Director, Maryland Integrative Counseling Associates.

“It is really beyond words. This had to have been inspired by/thru someone who was boots on the ground in the war. Very real. Very good. Every man that pulls it together following combat does so only by making peace with the child that resides inside the man.  It is the soul of the child that is bruised – and the man must learn to heal that.”

John David Kristoff
Vietnam Veteran

“This is an ass-kicker… I think that you have a winner here… I think that this will definitely provoke many people to think about the effects of PTSD. Currently, the Veterans Administration is making a very strong effort to provide more help for combat veterans who are suffering from PTSD. Thank you for thinking about the syndrome and the people who suffer from it, and making an effort to get others to think about it.”

Gene D. Hamner
Former Captain US Air Force
Member of the Ravens, Vietnam

“Absolutely love the film. Really drives the nail home. I think it will bridge a big gap.  It will help a lot of people understand.”

James Sveen
Petty Officer First Class
Veteran of OIF

“It takes me back to my own haunts and bad dreams of what knocks at my door every day. I relate to both (characters) as if they are one person… emotionally I am attached to this now.”

Sgt. John Radell
US Army, Retired.


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